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B.C. Hill & Associates is an Arizona based corporate recruiting firm that focuses on Connecting People, Impacting Lives. With each business evolution, we have listened and adapted our methods accordingly, remaining relevant in an ever-changing industry and staying on the forefront of critical trends.

Today’s competitive recruiting environment requires more certainty than ever in identifying and hiring qualified candidates. The cost is too great and time too valuable for organizations to take unnecessary risks in hiring. Over the years, we have helped our clients achieve their goals by customizing our work to suit their needs. We provide our clients options for engaging our services. We work best as your strategic partner and our flexibility is what makes our work fit your company’s needs. Our recruiters work hands-on as an integral part of your team to identify, recruit, hire, train and retain exemplary employees in today’s highly competitive market.

Founded in 2002 by Glenda Navarro, B.C. Hill & Associates brings extensive experience placing candidates coast-to-coast into positions where they can excel and help their client companies flourish. B.C. Hill & Associates uses revolutionary technology and loyal recruiters to solve your most challenging staffing problems. We are focused, effective and efficient, providing the best talent available at an amazingly low cost per hire. We provide unparalleled commitment to the recruitment of an organization’s most critical players. Whether it’s entry level to middle management or executive level personnel, B.C. Hill & Associates gives you access to professional recruiting expertise and strategic processes for all your hiring needs. 

About B.C. Hill & Associates - Professional Executive Recruitment

About B.C. Hill & Associates - Professional Executive Recruitment